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Date: Friday 21st August 2009
Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: - N051.63471, W0.46867
Miles today: 7 - Locks today: 8 - Total miles: 76 - Total Locks: - 50 Phone: - OK (S2), 3g/HSDPA




Dropped back down through Uxbridge lock this morning to top up with diesel and gas at Denham marina before leaving the area. Their diesel is currently 60 pence per litre which is not a bad price for a marina. There is a handy little chandlery on site which stocks most of the boaty type things that you could wish for, very convenient.

Decided to head on to Harefield with the intention of mooring somewhere near the Coy Carp pub for the night but as the weather was so nice, we continued on to Rickmansworth.

We have been picking, stewing and eating lots of Blackberries over the last few days, a good crop this year. They are lovely with ice cream. We have been freezing the excess stock for the winter – but, doubt if they will last that long before being eaten!!!

View from the window


Photo taken a couple of days ago of nb Arundel on the move with a 30 ton load of sand.

Note how low she sits in the water when loaded. See next 2 photos.......

Work boat

Arundel moored - note height of the bow out of the water.....

nb Arundel

nb Arundel

a British Waterways boat

bw boat

Denham marina, Uxbridge - they have a good chandlery

Denham Marina

A good crop of Elderberries this year


Laden gravel barge

gravel barge

Gravel barge being loaded just north of Uxbridge

gravel barge

Interesting boat


Note the stove flue pipe sticking out of the side to the right of the window

stove flu

A pair of work boats on the move - the engine is a mobile workshop

work boats

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