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Date: Wednesday 12th August 2009
Location: Victoria Park, London GPS: - N051.52476, W0.00790
Miles today: 3  -  Locks today:-  Total miles: 43 -  Total Locks: 27 Phone: - Great (S5), HSDPA




Firstly, no complaints about the Victoria Park visitor’s moorings. We spent two pleasant and peaceful nights there. The only complaint would be about the cyclists on the tow path, it is a bit like the M25 at times and they don’t slow down when passing walkers.

Moved down to Limehouse Basin this morning but there was no room at the inn so we filled up with water and moved on to Three Mills. The plan is to head back to the basin tomorrow as we know that at least two boats are leaving in the morning.

Not the quietest mooring spot in the world here at Three Mills as we are only yards away from a railway bridge carrying a very busy line. Still, not to worry as we are only planning on staying here for one night.

There is a large Tesco store conveniently located right beside the canal opposite the mills.

View from the window


A Tad Adrift

A Tad Adrift

Big Cruiser in Limehouse Basin

Big Cruiser

Bow Locks

Bow Locks

Green growth on the water, almost like water cress!!!

Green water

More green water

Green water

Limehouse Basin

Limehouse Basin

Lock cottage - all barred up

Lock Cottage

Roman Road markets - nothing special

Roman road markets

Squats - slogan reads: "God is squatting with us"


Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park moorings

Vic Park moorings

Victoria Park sign

Vic park sign

Floating moorings by Three Mills

Floating Moorings

Three Mills mills


Three Mills

Three Mills

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