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Date: Saturday 8th August 2009
Location: Little Venice, London GPS: - N051.52219, W0.18697
Miles today: 0  -  Locks today: 0  -  Total miles: 33  -  Total Locks: 15 Phone: - Good (S3-4), HSDPA




Well, the coal boats Ara & Archimedes arrived yesterday as they said they would but they couldn’t supply us with diesel as someone had cut their hose while their boats were moored up opposite Tesco in Rickmansworth. Apparently, someone thought that by cutting the nozzle off the end of the hose, they would be able to siphon diesel out of the supply tank. Anyway, they managed to get parts this morning to repair the hose and filled us up just after lunch. 107 litres at 63 pence per litre.

Also bought a couple of bags of coal at £7.50 each as that’s a good price.

Now that we are all fuelled up, we will be heading off toward Limehouse on Monday. As far as the tides on the Thames go, Thursday or Friday looks like the best days for the trip from Limehouse to Brentford. Friday looks like a 05:30 departure from Limehouse so it will be an early start.

We have been doing most of our shopping at the markets just off the Edgeware road as their fish, fruit and veg are often less than half the price that they are in the supermarkets. We would much prefer to support the local traders in preference to the big chain obscene profit making supermarkets.

Emily and Bronte - joined together

Emily Bronte

Plaques in Church Street - the market street off the Edgeware Road

Market Plaque

Market Plaque

Market Plaque

Buckingham Palace

Buck House

A famous clock


Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Diana memorial water feature

Diana Memorial

New house boat at Little Venice

House Boat

It's a short walk from Little Venice to Portobello

Portobello Rd

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral

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