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Date: 5th August 2009
Location: Little Venice, London GPS: - N051.52219, W0.18697
Miles today: 0  -  Locks today: 0  -  Total miles: 33  -  Total Locks: 15 Phone: - Good (S3-4), HSDPA




Still here at Little Venice.

Hoping to fill up with diesel at the weekend if the coal boat arrives, rumour has it that one of the coal boats will be arriving on Friday and staying here for a day or so.

If we can fill the diesel tank, the plan is to head down to Limehouse then out onto the Thames and up to Brentford. We don’t want to attempt the trip up the Thames with a half empty tank as there is a risk that any crud in the bottom of the tank could get churned up with the rocking of the boat and could block the fuel supply to the engine. Really don’t fancy having the engine die on the tidal Thames!! We have travelled down the Thames to Limehouse in the past but never made the trip in the other direction. It’s supposed to be easier going up river to Brentford than it is down river to Limehouse – we will see, all being well on the diesel front that is.

We paid a visit to the Tate Modern yesterday. All very interesting but no sign of any art !!!

Some photos from our ‘wanderings’ around town.

Millennium bridge with St Paul's in the background


Millennium Bridge with the Tate Modern opposite

Millennium bridge and Tate

Little Venice moorings - higher than the road below

Map of the river Thames by St paul's

Market just off the Edgeware road - it's there 6 days a week - good veg prices

nb NutGone - the young couple that own her are getting married at Braunston in a couple of weeks time

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Richard Branson's boat

Apparently he has owned it since he was a student – it’s recently been refurbished

Richard Branson's boat

Rubbish eater on the Thames

Rubbish Eater on the Thames

Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park

Don't come here if you are ill !!!!

Swibe Flu

Some new development near Hyde Park. They have gutted the building leaving just the original outer walls. The walls are supported by a huge steel framework while they re-build the insides. Quite a feat….


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